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Open University FAQs

Is financial assistance available?

Students can seek financial aid from outside sources, including banks, credit unions, employers, government programs and other private funding sources. No financial assistance is offered directly from CSUSB. (

How do I get my grades?

Permanent records are kept in the CSUSB Records, Registration & Evaluation Office. You may obtain a copy of your transcript from that office for a nominal fee. Unofficial grade mailers are available upon request.

If I’m an international student at another university, may I take Open University courses at CSUSB?

Yes, you simply need a letter of permission from your home school.

Am I eligible for Open University even if I’ve dropped out or have been disqualified from the university?

Yes. Open University enables you to enroll even if you have previously been disqualified. The grades earned through the Open University program may help you raise your grade point average.

Can the credit I earn through Open University apply toward a degree if I later decide to enroll in a regular university program?

Yes. A maximum of 36 units through Open University can be applied toward a Bachelor's degree and 13 units toward a Master's degree (subject to approval by the applicable academic department).

Is Open University intended for full-time degree-seeking students?

It depends. If you want to become a full-time student, you should apply for admission to the university. However, during the admission process you may enroll in one or more university courses through the Open University program.

My fees would need to be paid through a third party vendor. Is this possible?

In most cases, yes. However, please call the College of Extended Learning at (909) 537-5975 to confirm.

Are payment plans available?

No. Full payment is required at the time of registration.

Are there waiting lists available to register for classes?

The College of Extended Learning does not maintain waiting lists. Please check with the department responsible for the course for further information.

Which courses listed in the regular University Class Schedule are available to Open University students?

Most courses published in the quarterly CSUSB Schedule of Classes are available to you through the Open University program if space is available; however, you must have completed the necessary prerequisites, if applicable, and receive the consent of the instructor. Refer to the University Bulletin for identification of prerequisites.

What student services are available to me as an Open University student?

A library card will be issued upon payment of course fees. (This card will expire at the conclusion of the quarter enrolled.) Many activities are available to you as an Open University student at little or no charge. No health services are available.