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Services Offered

Individual Counseling

The reasons for participating in counseling are many, and the counseling strategies employed also vary from counselor to counselor. Counseling at CAPS offers a safe, confidential environment where one can share thoughts and feelings, explore concerns, gain awareness, and make appropriate changes.

A short-term approach is incorporated at CAPS that is designed to facilitate symptom-reduction and a return to a previous, higher level of functioning. If there is uncertainty about whether counseling is for you, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment and discuss any reservations with one of the counselors--there is no obligation to continue.


Couples Counseling

Counseling and Psychological Services is committed to helping students work through relationship problems that may affect their life satisfaction and academic performance.

Married and unmarried students are welcome to participate in couples counseling as long as both members of the couple are currently enrolled.



Group counseling provides a highly effective means of addressing personal concerns, either as a supplement to individual counseling work or in lieu of individual counseling.

Group counseling can be particularly beneficial for people who are concerned about how they relate to other people, or who feel isolated, depressed or anxious. Counseling and Psychological Services offers a variety of group counseling options each quarter to meet the specific needs and interests of the CSUSB student population.

Group days and times are determined by the needs of its members. All groups require prior screening appointment. 

If interested, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services to set up a screening appointment to see if the group is a good fit for your needs at (909) 537-5040.

Counseling and Psychological Services also offers a vareity of workshops.