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Coyote Hour Howl at CSUSB

Coyote Hour Howl at CSUSB

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If you thought you heard a coyote howl on campus the past few weeks, you did! The Coyote Hour Howl kicked off on Feb. 22 at the first in-person Coyote Hour event of the semester. It can be heard throughout CSUSB every Tuesday and Thursday at noon from the clock tower to kick off the start of Coyote Hour. 

Coyote Hour is a time for students to connect with and engage in co-curricular activities on campus and build a sense of belonging at CSUSB. It takes place on Tuesday and Thursday when most students do not have classes, which is from 12-12:50 p.m. The time has been blocked out so students can participate in the different opportunities at CSUSB. Twice a week, students can get involved in clubs and organizations, attend university events, and participate in student research.

Coyote Hour is part of Coyote Connection, a university-wide initiative to get students involved at CSUSB through on-campus and virtual programs and activities. The initiative is led by Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Paz Olivérez and a coordinating committee that includes faculty, staff, and administrators from the university’s different colleges and divisions.

Students can use the Coyote Connection platform to get the latest information about upcoming events, programs, and activities. Coyote Connection can be accessed through the MyCoyote portal or by visiting the Coyote Connection website

To access information about Coyote Connection, click here