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The regional power disruption that began on Wednesday, July 24, at 1:50 pm continues to impact the San Bernardino campus.  

The San Bernardino campus will remain closed today, Thursday, July 25. 

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Assessment Plan

CSUSB Division of Student Affairs Division Level Assessment Plan: Framework for Student Engagement and Co-Curricular Learning 


The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) contributes to CSUSB’s mission through events, services, and programs that are designed to impact our student population in intentional ways. As part of a holistic model for student success, the Division of Student Affairs provides service, development, and learning experiences that complement and strengthen the academic curriculum.  


This Impact Model described below is the result of a collaborative process between DSA staff, assessment champions, and Institutional Research. It evolved from a project applying HIPS to Student Affairs, to a utilization snapshot for events and services, to relevant taxonomy for program themes.  

Impact Model: Achieve, Connect, Thrive

This framework provides direction for the design and assessment of outcomes at the division, department, or program level for the continued improvement of the CSUSB student experience

The 8 Division Level Outcomes (DLOs) have been articulated by the Student Affairs Assessment Committee (A-Team) using an iterative process, collaborating on defining outcomes using both a descriptive and normative methodology: finding the right balance of definitions from examining what is already happening in our campus context, and what ought to be happening given widely adopted frameworks for standards and outcomes.

Impact Area 1 ACHIEVE 

Student Affairs is dedicated to creating a dynamic learning environment that promotes student success, enhances the learning experience, and prepares students for success beyond graduation. 

Impact Area Description 

Students who engage in Student Affairs programs, activities, and services will cultivate the knowledge, skills, and abilities for practical life competence, and to succeed in their academic, professional, and personal pursuits. 


DLO 1.1 Academic Success  

Students who engage in PSA’s in this area will: 

  • Connect to services and resources that support and enhance learning. 
  • Understand academic expectations and institutional navigation.  
  • Build confidence and capacity to actively engage in learning, and apply it beyond the classroom.  
  • Seek, obtain, and apply information from various sources to make informed decisions toward educational goals and plans.  


DLO 1.2 Professional & Career Development 

Students who engage in PSA’s in this area will: 

  • Articulate one’s skills, strengths, knowledge and experience relative to professional goals and identify areas necessary for growth. 
  • Pursue and succeed in experiential learning, employment, or advanced educational opportunities.  
  • Develop and strengthen skills in communication, problem solving, teamwork, collaboration, developing relationships and working cooperatively and professionally in a diverse and multicultural environment. 


DLO 1.3 Generalized Life Skills:  

Students who engage in PSAs in this area will: 

  • Demonstrate basic life skills necessary to excel resourcefully and independently.  
  • Use consequential and critical thinking to work through challenges. 
  • Understand and exhibit personal accountability and decision-making skills.  
  • Develop the interpersonal skills necessary to maintain respectful and civil relationships. 

Impact Area 2: CONNECT 

Student Affairs is committed to educating and inspiring students to transform communities and advance the region through intentional connection. 

Domain Description 

Through diverse experiences offered by Student Affairs, students will become engaged members within the campus, regional, and global communities, provide and receive social support, and develop and demonstrate appreciation for human diversity. 


DLO 2.1 Campus & Community Enrichment  

Students who engage in PSA’s in this area will: 

  • Build mutually beneficial relationships, partnerships, and networks within the community and beyond. 
  • Become active change agents for their community and the common good.  
  • Support and transform the community through service. 
  • Recognize their social and ethical responsibilities as members of a community 


DLO 2.2 Diversity & Global Learning:  

Students who engage in PSA’s within this area will: 

  • Engage an awareness, knowledge, and appreciation for human diversity. 
  • Continually challenge personal experiences and viewpoints to foster a greater perspective of different heritages, identities, and lived experiences. 
  • Interact and collaborate with people different from oneself, respecting the presence of different viewpoints  


DLO 2.3 Social Support & Connections 

Programs, services, and activities (PSA’s) in this domain are intended to increase awareness and exposure to engagement opportunities where students can expand and/or explore their connections, network, apply learning to real-life environments, and receive support on a personal level in safe spaces outside of the classroom.  

Students who engage in PSA’s within this area will: 

  • Strengthen their sense of belonging through engagement in a variety of leadership, networking, support, and social connection opportunities  
  • Gain the confidence, skills, and sense of agency to engage in social groups within and beyond the campus community. 
  • Learn the importance of social capital for connection, empowerment, and self-advocacy. 
  • Develop mutually supportive relationships with educational and community partners, including but not limited to peers, faculty and staff. 

Impact Area 3: THRIVE 

Student Affairs is committed to meeting the mental, physical, emotional, and educational needs of our students so they can thrive. We remove barriers and clear pathways for success.  

Domain Description 

Through responsive, evidence-based programming and services, students will be equipped with the resources, knowledge, and skills to learn at the level of their potential, adopt healthier behaviors and lifestyles, and enhance their personal wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of their work and academic environments, their families and their communities. 


DLO 3.1 Essential Support  

Process outcomes in this area include: 

  • Conduct the actions required for safe campus environment that is conducive to learning and personal growth.  
  • Provide the supports necessary for all students to engage in that environment, persist, and succeed.  
  • Remove barriers for learning and growth, enhancing readiness, and providing access to services. 


DLO 3.2 Health & Wellness 

Students who engage in PSA’s within this area will: 

  • Have access to programs, activities, and environments that promote wellness across multiple dimensions (physical, social, emotional, occupational, multicultural, environmental, spiritual).  
  • Participate in recreation, fitness, health, and wellness activities that promote long term habits for physical and mental wellness, and reduce risk and health disparities.  
  • Demonstrate emotional well-being, and positive caretaking of self and others.  
  • Leverage the relationship between health and wellness and the capacity to achieve personal, academic, and long-term goals.