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Menstrual Equity for All Act

CSUSB and the Division of Student Affairs are committed to providing students menstrual products while on campus. Free pads and tampons will be available in women's and all-gender restrooms throughout CSUSB. Click on the link below for a map that includes locations for all-gender restrooms and visit the Special Locations noted below for free menstrual products on both the San Bernardino and Palm Desert Campuses.

All-Gender Restrooms

Special Locations

San Bernardino Campus

  • The Obershaw DEN
  • Recreation & Wellness Center
  • Santos Manuel Student Union Information Desk
  • Student Health Center
  • Women's Resource Center

Palm Desert Campus

  • Palm Desert Campus DEN
  • Rancho Mirage Student Center
  • R.D. & Joan Dale Hubbard Health and Psychological Counseling Center

free menstrual products in all women's and all-gender restrooms

Menstrual Equity for All Act

Assembly Bill 367, the Menstrual Equity for All Act of 2021, requires all public schools serving students in grades 6 to 12, California State Universities, and community colleges to provide an adequate supply of free menstrual products.

Menstrual Equity for All Act

Vice President of Students Affairs

"CSUSB has provided free menstrual products to our students in numerous campus locations for years but we're excited to make these items even more accessible by providing free menstrual products in every women's and all-gender restrooms at both the San Bernardino and Palm Desert Campuses. We are pleased that our state legislators understand the importance of ensuring that all students who need them have free access to these essential products and we are thrilled to invest in and support this important initiative."

- Paz Maya Oliverez, Ph.D.