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Doing Business with CSUSB

Do Business with CSUSB

The information provided is intended to assist vendors and contractors interested in doing business with CSUSB through the Office of Procurement and Contracts. CSUSB engages with a diverse range of vendors globally, requiring advance purchase orders involving goods and all on-campus services. Proof of general liability, automobile, and workers compensation insurance, with specified endorsements outlined in our general provisions, is necessary for services and will be requested during the purchase order preparation. Additionally, vendors must submit a 204 VENDOR DATA RECORD FORM (STD204) before any payments can be processed. For more details about CSUSB, please visit our website at California State University, San Bernardino | CSUSB.

Vendor registration:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a prospective vendor for the California State University, San Bernardino.

Planet Bids

Vendors interested in receiving bid notifications shall access the Planet Bids Portal and click on “New Vender Registration”. Click on “Company Name” and complete the registration steps. To view a list of current CSUSB bids select "Bid Opportunities" on the top of the page specific Keywords, bid type, Categories, Bidding Stage, and Department to find current bids.

Registration to Planet Bids

CSU Public Solicitation Portal (through Planet Bids)


CSUBUY is an integrated Source-to-Contract solution for the CSU built on the Jaggaer platform. The CSU Public Bid Portal provides a listing of open, closed, and awarded formal solicitations for goods and services across the twenty-three campuses of the CSU and the CSU Office of the Chancellor (since 10/19/2020). To submit a response to an open solicitation on CSUBUY your business must be registered with the CSU. To register for a new account or to access your existing account please below. There is no fee to register. For unresolved issues with your registration, you may contact For CSUSB solicitations select the dropdown under Campus and select “CSU San Bernardino”.

CSUBUY Supplier Registration

CSUBUY Public Bid Site


General Provisions

The following documents are provided for information purposes. Each purchase order will specify the set of general provisions appropriate to the procurement. 

Vendor Guide to Quote 

The Procurement and Contracts Department at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) has developed a comprehensive resource to assist vendors in creating accurate and professional quotes that meet procurement standards. This guide offers detailed instructions on the essential components of a quote, its significance within the procurement process, and a step-by-step guide to ensure its compliance with CSUSB policies. By adhering to this guide, vendors can streamline their interactions with CSUSB, fostering a smooth and efficient procurement experience.

Please explore Vendor Guide to Quotes to get started. 


Insurance requirements for vendors physically working on campus include providing proof of commercial general liability, auto, and worker's compensation insurance. These policies should have endorsements naming California State University, San Bernardino as additionally insured. For professional services and consulting, such as engineering or architectural services, vendors must provide proof of professional liability insurance. It is crucial that all insurance certificates and endorsements are on file before any work commences on campus.

204 Form 

CSUSB will require the 204 VENDOR DATA RECORD FORM before a payment can be issued. This can be located in the Forms & Documents

Unauthorized Purchases

State regulations and CSU policy dictate that the purchase of goods and/or services must be approved by the appropriate delegated authority, namely the Procurements and Contracts department at CSUSB. Any purchases made for goods and/or services without written delegated authority or without an authorized Purchase Order or contract are classified as "unauthorized purchases."

The Procurement and Contracts Office holds the exclusive authority to issue Purchase Orders for goods and/or services. Vendors are required to ensure that they receive a fully executed Purchase Order before providing goods and/or services. Orders placed directly with a vendor outside the authorized procurement methods (purchase requisition, procurement card, and Direct Pay) are not considered valid obligations of the University.

Vendors are explicitly informed that fulfilling an Unauthorized Purchase puts them at risk for non-payment, payment delay, and/or approval issues until the purchase is fully approved. It is emphasized that unauthorized procurement of goods and/or services can be considered a personal obligation of the individual making the purchase and not an obligation of the University.

To locate other business opportunities within the CSU system, go to: Contract Services & Procurement, California State University Chancellor's Office