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How to graduate in two or four years

More than 80 percent of incoming students plan to graduate in two (transfer students) or four (first-time freshmen) years? If you are among them, we have several tips and resources to help you accomplish your goal.

  • Think 15:  Take 15 or more units each term (45 units per year) to graduate on time.
  • Meet with your advisor: Schedule an appointment with your advisor to map out a plan before you register for classes. Professional advisors are here to help you select a balanced workload and stay on track.
  • Utilize available resources: Take advantage of the many resources available to assist you in your studies, such as Supplemental Instruction, the Writing Center and Tutoring.
  • Consider Summer Session: Reach your graduation goals in a timely manner by taking advantage of summer session. In addition to your financial aid, CSUSB has made available more than $3 million in grants to qualifying students during the last two summers.


There are key benefits associated with timely graduation. They include:

  • Reduced fees/debt: It costs CSU students an average of $8,500 in tuition, fees, books and supplies each year. Graduating just one term earlier saves students more than $4,000.
  • Competitive Edge: Students who successfully complete a degree in two or four years are then able to start their career or start an advanced degree – sooner.
  • Earning Potential: Students who take longer to graduate not only pay additional tuition, they eliminate or reduce their potential earnings.

For detailed information on the economic benefits of timely graduation, check out the Student Benefits of the CSU Graduation Initiative 2025 report.