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Steering Committee


  • Provide support, guidance and strategic direction for the GI 2025 Initiative
  • Oversee the progress, outcomes and evaluation of each subcommittee
  • Facilitate collaboration among members and key stakeholders


  • Shari McMahan, Co-chair, Provost
  • Harry Le Grande, Co-chair, Interim VP for Student Affairs
  • Doug Freer, VP for Administration & Finance
  • Jo Anna Grant, Director, Teaching Resource Center
  • Beth Jaworski, AVP, Student Services
  • Ryan Keating, Faculty, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Karen Kolehmainen, Chair, Faculty Senate
  • Robert Nava, VP for University Advancement
  • Olivia Rosas, AVP, Student Success and Educational Equity
  • Craig Seal, Dean, Undergraduate Studies
  • Samuel Sudhakar, VP for Information Technology Services
  • Muriel Lopez-Wagner, AVP, Institutional Research and Effectiveness
  • Clare Weber, Deputy Provost, Academic Programs