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Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Certificate Program

Overview:  The Gender and Sexuality Studies certificate program allows students to examine how gender and sexuality as social constructs shape individual lives, groups, institutions, and social structures. Students will have the opportunity to examine individual development, couples, families, small groups, and organizations as well as the media, arts, and economic and political systems. The courses explore how gender and sexuality intersect with race, culture, ethnicity, and social class in the interest of social justice. 

The certificate requires 18 units from among the following classes.

  • GSS 1000 Introduction to Women's Studies
  • GSS 1010 Introduction to Masculinity Studies
  • GSS 1020 Introduction to Transgender Studies
  • GSS 1030 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies
  • GSS 4200 Feminist Theory
  • GSS 4250 Women as Agents of Social Change
  • GSS 4500 Queer Theory
  • GSS 5933 Independent Study