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Wanting to earn the Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies?

Great move--doing so can give you a competitive edge when you apply for post-graduation positions in employment or graduate schools. Remember to officially declare the minor by submitted the paperwork in the Registrar's office. Doing so enables the director of the program to support you and keep you notified of information you need to assure your success (meetings, scholarships, socials, etc.). It only cost $4 to officially declare the minor and the benefits are worth it. If you decide later that the minor is not for you, all you need to do is redo the form.

Does earning a minor require that I take another 28 units on top of those required for my major?

No, it doesn't. Earning a minor simply means that you focused 28 units of your GE and major classes on an area of study. This is why you can earn both a major and a minor together--because many of the classes that you take as your GE and major requirements can count "double" toward both the major and the minor. So rather than just taking random elective or GE courses, you select classes from those within the minor. See the program requirements listed on this webpage for all the classes required in the minor...and get started. If you still have questions, contact Dr. Jennings, the program director at