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640-644: Recruitment/Appointment/ Responsibilities/Related

640-644: Recruitment/Appointment/ Responsibilities/Related
Number Description

(Central Administrators/AA): Recruiting and Appointing of Academic Affairs Central Administrators

640.6 (Central Administrators/AA: Provost VPAA): Recruiting and Appointment of the Provost/ Vice President for Academic Affairs
641.3 (Deans): Recruiting and Appointment of College Deans

Recruitment and Appointment of Department Chairs/School Directors


(Department Chairs/School Directors): Responsibilities of Department Chairs/ School Directors
642.3 (Endowed Faculty): Guidelines and Procedures for the Establishment and Appointment of Endowed Faculty Positions
642.4 (Faculty): Recruiting and Appointment of Tenure-Line Faculty 
642.5 (Grant Faculty): Grant-Related/Specially-Funded Instructional Faculty Appointments(GRIF)
642.56 Joint Faculty Appointment
642.76 (Temporary Faculty/Part-Time): Recruiting and Appointment of Lecturers
642.81 '(Trustee Professors): Appointment of University Trustee Professors'
642.385 (Visiting Professors/ Etc): Appointment of Visiting Professors, Distinguished Visiting Professors, Adjunct Professors, and Visiting Scholars

(Graduate Assistants): Appointment of Graduate Assistants