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Faculty Development Program

Welcome to Faculty Development Program

Comprised of the Teaching Resource Center, University Faculty Mentoring Network, and faculty development initiatives led by Research Fellow. We are located in the common shared space for faculty at the FCE (PL-4005).

For COVID-19 safety policy integrated in the syllabus, please use this new template provided: CSUSB accessible syllabus COVID-safety

Or you may copy/pate the following in your syllabus.

Classroom safety

  • Students must wear appropriate face coverings while indoors and those without will be asked to return upon obtaining one. Limited exceptions can be obtained by contacting the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities.
  • Students unwilling to wear a mask will be asked to leave immediately and appropriate security protocol (including class cancellation) may occur at the discretion of the faculty, who may then assign additional work due to non-compliance.
  • Students who are positive or are exhibiting COVID-like symptoms, must leave the space immediately and faculty will follow up regarding make-up work and accommodations at a later time.
  • For additional details please check the Return of the Pack website.

Faculty Development Program (FDP) provides comprehensive support for faculty and teaching associates to reach their professional goals in teaching methodology, research-scholarly activities, and service. We are led and driven by faculty that seek to strengthen their colleagues' experiences by fostering creativity, learning, inquiry, and exploration through community, collaboration, and collegiality in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive atmosphere. Furthermore, we are dedicated to help:

  • Coordinate mentoring services to support faculty in research, scholarship, creative activities, teaching, community engagement, and leadership
  • Provide faculty with opportunities for continuous improvement through workshops, certificate programs, teaching institutes, and other events related to faculty development
  • Provide an environment that values and promotes faculty initiative, exploration, innovation, and advancement
  • Establish and maintain a central repository of information regarding resources and faculty professional activities
  • Collaborate with ITS/Academic Technologies and Innovation (ATI) to provide faculty with training and development of quality online courses and programs

We are located in the shared space for faculty at FCE (PL-4005) and also provide the following resources to faculty:

  • Equipment available for check out as needed
    • Laptops (Both Windows and Mac)
    • iPads
    • Noise cancelling headphones
    • Charging stations
  • Coffee, snacks, and a microwave (when we are back to face-to-face)
  • Lockers to keep your belongings safe during your visit (when we are back to face-to-face)

Please note that, when we reopen, our office is staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Mission Statement: 

In support of CSUSB’s mission, we endeavors to promote the career-long development of faculty in the areas of teaching and learning, research, scholarly and creative activities,  service to the university/community/profession, mentoring and collaborative activities across campus and the community at large.


To create, implement and provide  professional development programs to support all CSUSB´s tenure track faculty, lecturers and teaching associates;

To support faculty in different stages of growth and professional development;

To foster interdisciplinary collaboration and community among faculty;

To offer a comprehensive orientation program and a supportive onboarding process for new faculty that provides up-to-date and detailed information about the university, the retention, promotion and tenure process, and opportunities to network with other faculty;

To recognize, support and celebrate faculty on their accomplishments and successes.


Faculty Development Program Calendar

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