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Student Resources

The Department of Ethnic Studies is dedicated to supporting our students both within and outside of the classroom. Please see below for links to resources we have available on our campus.

For students seeking resources for housing, food and/or financial insecurity, please visit the CSUSB Basic Needs website. Here, you will also find information on our campus’ COVID 19 emergency grants.

For students seeking a safe and confidential space to learn about sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking, please visit the CSUSB Survivor Advocacy Services website.

For students with disabilities seeking supportive accommodations that ensure equal access to learning, please visit the CSUSB Services to Students with Disabilities website.

For students seeking resources for mental health wellness, please visit the CSUSB Counseling & Psychological Services website (CAPS). Virtual appointments are available.

For undocumented students seeking information on financial aid or campus/legal support, please visit the CSUSB Undocumented Student Success Center website and the CSU Chancellor Office’s Resources for Undocumented Students website.

For students seeking programming that reflects the myriad communities that our student body represents, please visit the CSUSB Cross Cultural Center website (which includes information on the Latinx, Pan African, First Peoples’ and Asian Pacific Islander Centers), the CSUSB Queer and Transgender Resource Center and the CSUSB Women’s Resource Center.

For CSBS students seeking advising outside of Ethnic Studies, please visit the CSBS Student Advising website.