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Continuity Planning Program

Welcome to the CSUSB Continuity Plan Program!

Continuing campus operations is important when events interrupt normal operations. Business Continuity Planning is the process whereby CSUSB can plan for how campus operations will continue after a major disaster (natural or man-made) occurs. Business continuity can lessen the long-term risks involved from a major disaster, and provide a "roadmap" for working towards ensuring that essential campus operations continue.

Although business continuity is "disaster related", business continuity planning is a process that begins long before disaster strikes. A strategic process and approach has been developed as the basis for CSUSB's Business Continuity Planning Program, beginning with the University's operational units creating a  Business Continuity Plan.

Building a Continuity Plan – Coyote Ready:

Coyote Ready is a database which creates a centralized location for all campus departments to enter, store, and update their Business Continuity plans. The person designated by the department, division, or college to write the organization’s continuity plan should request access to the database and utilize the tools provided to assist with the completion of the plan.


Access to Coyote Ready:

The repository for CSUSB's continuity plans, Coyote Ready, is internet based and accessible via smart phones. There are 2 requirements for obtaining access to Coyote Ready:

  1. Specialized Computer Information Access (CIA) Request Form
  2. Information Security Training