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Location: CD 105
Time: 6pm-7:50pm
Date: Thurs, Oct. 31st

The Center for Islamic and Middle East Studies (CIMES) at CSUSB serves as a flagship for international dialogue and academic excellence for students and faculty as well as the local and international communities. The Center supports research, lectureships, curriculum development and community outreach in order to advance the study of Islam and the Middle East.

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Rise of Populism and Islamophobia: How Can We Stem the Tide?

May 23, 2019

The current rise of populism across the globe is directly linked to the spread of Islamophobia, as policy and radicalized funnel, that candidates and political parties utilize to draw voters to the ballot box.  Here, rightwing populism has used Islamophobia, xenophobia and racial discourses to repackage people's real economic pain, social and political instability in Western societies and posit itself as the solution to these complex and long-standing problems. This panel seeks to deconstruct the current confluence of populism and Islamophobia to understand its growing manifestation and utility in political discourses domestically and abroad, and to assess the role of mass media in advancing racist and Islamophobic agendas. 

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U.S. Hegemony & the Arab World Conference in Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Arab Studies Quarterly

April 20-21, 2018

The Arab World is undergoing great economic, environmental and educational strides in some areas, while experiencing challenges in others. The role of the U.S. as the major player in the region requires constant and careful scrutiny. This conference aims to critically evaluate the impact of U.S. policy decisions, political and economic alliances, military interventions as well as reactions and popular resistance against the U.S. hegemony in the region from a socio-political and historical perspective.

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