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Adding Designated Subject Credential

Designated Subjects (DS) Career Technical Education for Single and Multiple Subject and Education Specialist Credential Holders

California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) is an approved CTE teacher preparation programs able to waive all CTE preparation except the CTE Foundations for teachers holding a multiple subject, single subject or education specialist teaching credential which includes an authorization to teach English learners. This is an example of a program granting an equivalency because the individual already holds another teaching credential.

Holders of one of the identified teaching credentials listed above must meet the following eligibility requirements for adding a Designated Subjects CTE Credential include:

  • Complete ECTS 6403 – Topics in Education (3 units). ECTS 6403 provides a Foundation in Career Technical Education (CTE). Eligible teachers must hold a valid Clear or preliminary Single Subject, Multiple Subject, or Educational Specialist Credential seeking authorization to teach CTE courses. This course must be completed to clear the CTE DS credential.
  • Current Single, Multiple, or Educational Specialist Credential Holders.
  • Have at least one year of teaching experience while holding the original credential Single, Multiple, or Educational Specialist Credential and two years of occupational experience in the specific industry sector for the CTE credential they wish to obtain. Refer to the Credential Processing webpage for the Application for Credential Recommendation.
  • One additional year of documented successful CTE teaching experience completed while holding a preliminary CTE credential to qualify for the clear CTE credential.
  • If the original teaching credential does not include an authorization to teach English learners or if the individual does not hold a separate English learner authorization (i.e. Clear CLAD/BCLAD Certificate, Certificate of Completion of Staff Development) then the individual must complete ECTS 1000 – Early Orientation and the ECTS Designated Subjects Coursework for the English learner authorization.

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Contact the COE Student services office for credentialing information at 909.537.5609. For additional information, contact Dr. Joe Scarcella at or 909.537.5287.

ECTS 6403 can also be applied toward the Masters of Arts in Education – Career and Technical Education Option.