After completing online training you will be given access to the Common Financial System (CFS) production and CFS Datawarehouse links on your MyCoyote page. Please visit the ITS training site or call if you have questions.

Your chart field combination includes the following fields: Account, Fund, Dept. ID, Project, and Class. Not all Chart Field Combinations include a project and a class.

Select the Budget Forms and Instructions link . You will see the Budget Transfer Request Form link, as well as the Instructions for Submitting a Budget Transfer. To view these forms, you will need Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel. Follow the instructions step-by-step. Be sure to double-check your chart field combination and make sure a journal number was provided with the budget transfer confirmation.

>Class and Project Codes can be used with any fund, account, and department id.

No! Budgets established in Trust/Reimbursed Activities (Rxxxx, Sxxxx or XRxxx) may not be transferred to a general fund account, (SB001) or vice-versa.

HOWEVER: You can transfer expenses between General Fund and Trust accounts. If you want to transfer expenses, please go to General Accounting's website for instructions.