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University Budget Advisory Committee

Working with the President and Vice Presidents, the University Budget Advisory Committee shall:

1.  Provide advice/recommendations to maintain a highly transparent, informative, and participatory campus general operating fund budgeting process. Advise the president on format and frequency of annual budget data to the campus community in a thorough and consistent manner.

2.  Review and advise the President regarding significant budget actions external to the campus such as the initial CSU budget proposal.

3.  Advise the President during the fiscal year regarding significant or unanticipated events that have a significant effect upon campus budget allocations.


View the full University Budget Advisory Committee Charter.

2023-2024 UBAC Committee Members:

  1. VP & CFO of Finance, Technology and Operations: Dr. Samuel Sudhakar Co-Chair

  2. VP Academic Affairs/Provost: Dr. Rafik Mohamed Co-Chair

  3. VP Student Affairs: Dr. Paz Oliverez

  4. VP University Advancement: Robert Nava

  5. VP Human Resources: Robin Phillips

  6. AVP Finance & Administrative Services: Sesar Morfin

  7. University Budget Executive Director: Homaira Masoud

  8. ASI President: Carson Fajardo

  9. Educational Policy & Resources Committee Chair (or designee): Dr. Jordan Fullam

  10. Faculty Affairs Committee Chair (or designee): Dr. Karen Kolehmainen

  11. Faculty Senate Chair: Dr. Claudia Davis

  12. Faculty Senate Vice-Chair (or designee): Thomas Girshin

  13. MPP Representative: TBD

  14. Dean Representative: Dr. Rueyling Chuang

  15. Dean Representative: Dr. Sastry Pantula

  16. Director of Academic Budget & Planning: Dr. Jenna Aguirre

  17. Staff Representative: Gabby Guzman-Trejo