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The University Budget Office offers training on:

Data Warehouse, Viewing Financials, Chartfield Combinations

  • This training goes over the chartfield structure, the different ledgers that affect General Fund budgets, and how to run reports within the Data Warehouse to view and reconcile budgets. Some of the reports covered include basic department reports, PO activity report and will also go over how to run a query.

Payroll Detail Report, Position Management Query, Updating/Requesting Positions

  • This training instructs end users on how to run two key reports for setting up and maintaining positions and budgets related to positions within their areas. The Payroll Detail Report, which lists all payroll charges posted to a Department ID in a pay period; and the Position Management Query, which lists all active positions (filled and vacant) in a department.

Budget Amendments

  • Instructions for submitting Budget Amendments and other budget-related items are found on our website, but if you need further instructions, contact us to set up a date and time to go over the process one-on-one.

General Information regarding your Budget

  • Call or email for general information regarding your budget.

Watch your email for messages from the ACBI office regarding the schedule for training classes. Register for trainings online at the ITS Training Services website. The office will also set up one on one trainings if needed.

For more information: "FAQs" page.