Trademark Licensing FAQs

If you would like to have your products made through a vendor that is not licensed, please have the vendor contact Learfield Licensing Partners to start the licensing process. Please note that the licensing process may take several weeks. 

For unique products or one-time orders, vendors may be granted a special license.  Please contact Mike Molina in the Athletics Department regarding special requests

If your vendor is designing the artwork or prepping a proof for you, you will need to reference the Learfield Licensing Partners CSUSB logo sheet to identify the logo number to give your vendor. Your vendor has access to all of the logos on this pdf. (Please keep in mind that not all departments are authorized to use the athletics logos or university seal.)

If you are designing your own artwork, you can request logos online

The TM symbol will need to be added into the final artwork before it is approved for all references to university names and logos.

All minimum size and clear space rules must be honored when producing promotional items. You can consider using an alternate CSUSB core logo that will fit the space better. If the imprint area still doesn’t allow for use of a CSUSB logo, then you can typeset the university name or use a CSUSB nameplate. See the visual identity guidelines for more information on minimum sizes, clear space and university nameplates.

You can always reach out to the Office of Strategic Communication or the Athletics Department for more information. Public affairs can answer design and logo approval questions. Athletics can answer questions regarding the application process and vendor specific questions.

Office of Strategic Communication – or (909) 537-5007

Mike Molina, Athletics Department – or (909) 537-3076