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Trademarks & Promotional Items

Looking to purchase memorable branded giveaways to hand out? Want to order custom T-shirts for your student club or office staff?

All merchandise and promotional items bearing our university name and trademarks must be purchased from a CSUSB licensed vender. Check our Guide to Buying CSUSB Products for a step-by-step checklist to fill your order.

CSUSB Trademarks Resources

Find Licensed Vendors

Trademark Licensing FAQs

Guide to Buying CSUSB Products

Licensing Agreements & Costs

Licensing Process for Vendors

Logo Request Specifically for Merchandise

CSUSB trademarks include:

  • University names 

    • “California State University, San Bernardino”

    • “Cal State San Bernardino”

    • “CSUSB”

  • “Coyotes”

  • All university logos and university seal

  • All athletics logos and wordmarks

  • CSUSB spirit marks

  • Rules for using CSUSB trademarks apply to:

  • vendors/manufacturers

  • retailers

  • academic departments

  • administrative departments

  • student organizations

  • other members of the CSUSB community

  • third parties not affiliated with CSUSB