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Marketing & Branding Services

Office of Marketing and Communications (MarCom) works to serve as an internal creative agency for CSUSB with an emphasis on the CSUSB brand, student recruitment and philanthropy efforts. We work with departments/units to ensure all design, messaging, etc. conform to university branding standards. When your images, actions and words work in synchronicity, you strengthen the CSUSB brand.

  • Recruitment Marketing and Communications Creative Services
  • Branding / Imaging
  • Graphic Design and Production
  • Logo Usage and Style Guidelines Consulting
  • Social Media (CSUSB primary accounts)
  • Advertising
  • Video and Digital Communication

Graphic Design

High-quality marketing material are critical for creating a positive, progressive image for CSUSB. Our publications must meet the highest standards in writing, accuracy, design, illustration, photography and production. Our creative services team is a strategic unit dedicated to visual design across all mediums and platforms. The team produces undergraduate, graduate recruitment materials, university-wide marketing and promotional materials, advertisements for the brand awareness campaign, designs for the university’s external website and multimedia productions for university-wide strategic initiatives.

4-6 weeks of production time is ideal, depending on current production schedules.


The photos we take

MarCom provides brand images for marketing and public relations purposes. In other words, they are taken for specific use for the media or in an official university publication, such as brochures, advertisements and high-profile pages on the CSUSB website. Take a look at our branded stock images on the University’s Photo Server.

Due to limited resources, we are unable to accommodate event photography. Instead, we pop in and out of events to catch a few highlights that can be used for media relations. Looking for more than that? Upon request, we can recommend an affordable freelance photographer.

When? Where? Why?

Every little bit of information helps. The more our staff knows beforehand – When is the photo shoot? Where? For what purpose? – the better they can prepare and provide you with the best images possible.

The earlier, the better

MarCom manages a long list of scheduled photo shoots, with many scheduled weeks in advance. To ensure adequate preparation time, Please allow a minimum of 10 working day notice per request.

Ready to get started?

Simply fill out our convenient Request Services form.

Taking photos on your own?

A signed release must be completed any time a student is featured in campus photography.

Can you purchase prints?

Photography prints at a variety of sizes can be purchased through our photo gallery website.

Video Services

MarCom produces professional quality, branded marketing videos on behalf of the university. Our goal is to ensure videos communicate key messages on behalf of the university while increasing the profile and reputation of CSUSB.

Given the time it takes to write, produce and edit each video, client work is extremely limited. However, if you're interested in sharing a marketing video idea or pitching a CSUSB story, fill out our convenient Request Services form.

When we start a video project, scripts and storyboards are needed before production can start. We will also ask clients to manage logistical aspects for videos when several subjects need to be interviewed. Marketing video production time can take up to 8-14 weeks depending on current production schedules and availability of video subjects.

Sample Videos:

<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch Alumnus, Tyler Lange, gives back as a Special Education Teacher YouTube Video</a>
<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch Make CSUSB Your University of Choice YouTube Video</a>
<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch CSUSB Cybersecurity program YouTube Video</a>