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Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I apply for the MA in STEM Education Program if I don’t have a teaching credential? 

Yes. The MA in STEM Education Program does not require you to have a teaching credential. If you have a teaching credential, you could bring in teaching credential courses as elective courses for the program. If you don’t have a teaching credential and don’t plan to have a teaching credential (e.g. informal STEM educators), you can have elective courses from other programs and departments.  

Does the MA in STEM Education Program include a teaching credential? 

No. The MA in STEM Education Program is a master’ program that is different than a teaching credential program, although it can include a few credential courses to fulfill the program plan. You need to apply to a  Multiple Subject teaching credential program or a Single Subjects teaching credential program if you want to earn a teaching credential.  

Can I be enrolled in the MA in STEM Education program and a teaching credential program concurrently?  

Possibly. Enrolling in the MA program may affect your financial aid. You can check it with the CSUSB Financial Aid office.  Besides, you need to consider the course load you can afford to do if you are enrolled in two programs. Some students will start their MA in STEM Education program in the last semester of their credential program if feasible.  

Can I be admitted to the MA in STEM Education Program if I am an elementary teacher or in the multiple subject teaching credential program?  

Yes. The MA in STEM Education Program is offered to all K-12 educators who have an interest in STEM Education.  

Can I complete the program online?  

Possibly. The program is a hybrid program and all the courses are hybrid. Some courses have more online components than others, depending on the nature of the course. You do need to come to the campus for some face-to-face meetings. However, we provide accommodations if you can’t make it to campus.  

How long does it take to complete the program?  

The program is a 30-semester unit program. If you are a graduate from the CSUSB credential program, you can transfer 12 credit units to the program and you can finish the program (the rest 18 credit units) in as short as 2 semesters. If you don’t have any transferred credit, it can take 2 to 4 semesters for you to complete the 30 credit units under normal conditions.  

What value does a degree in the MA in STEM Education Program add to my professional career?  

The MA in STEM education will give you advantages for seeking/advancing a position in either formal or informal educational settings. With an advanced degree in STEM education, you will be able to take leadership roles in your school and district in curriculum development, teacher professional development and various programs that aim to enhance students’ STEM education, in addition to salary scale increase. 

Is there a field work component in the MA in STEM Education program?   

No. There are no official field work requirements for the MA in STEM Education program, though some courses will require classroom experiences (e.g. implementing a lesson plan, conducting an action-research with students). Your professors will help you fulfill the requirements if needed (e.g. work with another student who teaches in a classroom).