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Program Overview

Program Overview

The program curriculum is to enhance teachers’ knowledge and practice in STEM education through student-centered, integrated teaching approaches, culturally relevant pedagogy, hands-on experiences, collaborations and reflections, with a focus on Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and the Next Generation Science Standards. Through an advanced course of study, this program provides candidates with specialized experiences that will enhance their knowledge, skills and dispositions that prepare them to become expert STEM educators and leaders who will advance STEM education, either in discipline-specific or integrated settings, in K-12 schools and other informal contexts.

Program Features  

Units: 30 Units, can include up to 12 credit units from multiple or single subject credential program obtained from CSUSB, or transfer up to 9 units from another credential or master’s program.

Length: This program can be completed in as short as 2 semesters (3 courses per semester, with transferred 12 credit units) and also can be tailored to fit individual plans.

Delivery Mode: Hybrid

Location: CSU San Bernardino Campus for face-to-face classes. (Students from the desert area can join through Zoom).

Program Plan, Admission Requirements, Courses, and Graduation Requirements

Financial Support

Application fees for Spring 2022 and Fall 2022 will be reimbursed after admission.

Students in the MA program will be supported to add Foundational-level Mathematics, Foundational-level Science, Mathematics, Subject-specific Science, and Computer Science teaching authorizations. Cost associated with adding these credentials will be reimbursed. 

Other scholarships are also available through the CSUSB Financial Aid Office

Tuition Information

Tuition information is available online.

Application Deadline

Fall 2022 Admission: Application Deadline is July 15, 2022

Tips for Applications (Program Admission Requirements)

Apply Now

Teaching Credential (Relevant teaching experience):

A valid California Teaching or related teaching experience.

Relevant K-12 teaching experiences including but not limited to: public or private school teaching, substituting teaching, and teaching in informal settings. (If you are in or have finished a credential program, you are qualified for the teaching experience. You can upload a copy of your credential, or a statement for your teaching experience). 

For Recommendations: 

On CSU Apply there are three (3) reference contacts. Please put in people who are familiar with your work history or educational background. Common references are your college professor, supervisor and administrators at your work that can speak to your ability and potential to succeed a master’s program.

Advising Form:

Students need to attend an information meeting with the program coordinator and/or the admission advisor before submitting their application. If you are unable to attend an information session, please watch the recording (recording to be available soon). An Advising Form needs to be submitted to "Other Documents" through CSU Apply.