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Advisory Board Committee

The Rehabilitation Counseling (RC) Advisory Committee will serve in an advisory capacity for the students, staff, and faculty of the California State University, San Bernardino Graduate Program in Rehabilitation Counseling by:

  • providing feedback regarding local, state, regional, and national trends, needs, and policy changes;
  • acting as an advocate for the RC program; and
  • providing feedback on the current curriculum and proposed curriculum changes.


  • Roxana Campbell - Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor - Veterans Administration
  • Michael Clements - Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Integrated Disability Evaluation Systems - Veterans Administration
  • Eric Costello - Assistant Veteran Readiness & Employment Officer - Veterans Administration
  • Isis Fuentes - Special Programs and Services Counselor - Barstow Community College
  • Francine Apacible-Holm - Education Specialist TAY (Moderate to Severe) - San Bernardino Unified School District
  • Robert Loeun - District Administrator for Inland Empire - Department of Rehabilitation
  • Jacob Peck - Director of Disability Programs and Services - Chaffey College
  • Juanita Rios - Program Coordinator & Community Liaison - San Diego Brain Injury Foundation
  • Michelle Varty - Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor - Student Services, Department of Rehabilitation
  • Melissa Wells - Transitional Return to Work Specialist & Staff Assistance in Disability Management Services - UC Davis Campus & Health