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Graduate courses may not be taken by undergraduate students

EREH 6615: Introduction to Rehabilitation Counseling (5 units)

Fundamental processes and practices of rehabilitation counseling including examination and analysis of the historical, philosophical, organizational, economic and legal basis of rehabilitation. Orientation and field visits to community rehabilitation counseling agencies required. Morality and ethics; ethical issues; models and techniques for effective ethical decision-making in personal and professional interactions.

EREH 6616: Medical Aspects of Disability Across the Life Span (5 units)

Medical aspects of disabilities including implications of disabilities for vocational adjustments and rehabilitation processes across the life span. Theories of learning and human growth/development using life span approach from a rehabilitation counseling perspective.

EREH 6617: Counseling Theories and Psychosocial Aspects in Rehabilitation (5 units)

Counseling theories application to rehabilitation settings; lab experience working with individuals with disabilities. Psychosocial aspects will examine the physical, mental, gender and cultural characteristics of individuals with disabilities to participate fully in society.

EREH 6618: Addictions & Co-Existing Disabilities (5 units)

This course provides a broad understanding of issues and trends in substance use disorder and behavioral addiction treatment in a multicultural and diverse society with a specific focus on treatment methods that reflect the culture-specific values and treatment needs of clients. Including a focus on medical and psychological consequences, drug classification systems, legislation, and other clinical and public policy issues that may be relevant to the field. Motivational Interviewing counseling techniques will be explored in the lab experience.

EREH 6619: Counseling Skills - Practicum (5 units)

Supervised counseling practice; intensive analysis of counselor ethics, styles, methods. Application of counseling skills, theories and techniques working with individuals with disabilities. Includes 100 hours of related observational practice with individuals with disabilities.

EREH 6620: Multicultural Rehabilitation Counseling (4 units)

Theory and techniques of counseling skills serving diverse populations relating to individuals with disabilities. Analysis of differing socioeconomic, racial, and social backgrounds of individuals with disabilities. The major focus is on building multicultural competencies with cultural, economic and psychosocial processes relative to people from diverse and underrepresented populations and societies.


EREH 6621: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Diagnosis & Psychopharmacology (5 units)

This course will explore the history, philosophy, practice, current trends and issues relevant to psychiatric rehabilitation. Rehabilitation services that develop skills and provide environmental support for individuals with chronic mental illness will be examined. Emphasis will be placed on treatment planning to reach vocational goals and optimal independent functioning for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. This course is intended to cover psychiatric diagnosis, psychopharmacology, and the application of medication to all the major diagnostic categories contained in DSM.

EREH 6622: Theoretical & Practical Applications of Case Management / Job Placement - (5 units)

Application of methods and techniques of case management/job placement with different client populations in rehabilitation settings. Intensive analysis of counselor ethics, styles, methods. Job analysis, job seeking training skills, placement and follow-up for rehabilitation clients.

EREH 6623: Theory and Practice of Group Counseling in Rehabilitation (4 units)

Theories and techniques of group counseling in rehabilitation settings with individuals with disabilities. Integration of theory, experience and research ingroup counseling; ethical and multicultural considerations.


EREH 6624: Assessment, Research & Program Evaluation (5 units)

Review of fundamental bases of measurement, criteria for evaluating tests, review of instruments in major categories to assess the functioning abilities and work potential of individuals with disabilities. Introduction to personality, aptitude, achievement measurements. Principles of research design and methods of data collection to facilitate knowledge of rehabilitation research. Program evaluation includes analysis of development and utilization of an agency system in rehabilitation settings with focus on system design, monitoring techniques and service program development. Materials fee required.

EREH 6625: Fieldwork in Rehabilitation Counseling (12 units)

Field experience in Rehabilitation Counseling. Includes preparation for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Examination. Students will take fieldwork in segments of 6 units for a total of 12 units. Students must complete 300 clock hours per semester.

EREH 6980: Comprehensive Examination in Rehabilitation* (0 Units)

*A grade of CR will be awarded upon successful completion of the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) Examination, which is a national certification examination given by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification. The exam is administered in March, July and October each year. Students need to apply and pay the examination fee. Students need to provide evidence of exam completion in the final semester of the academic program. Students must take the CRC Exam as part of EREH 6980 in order to complete the Master's degree program in Rehabilitation Counseling Master's Program. If a student does not pass the CRC on the first attempt, they need to retake the exam. If after the second attempt they do not pass the examination, the student needs to petition both the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Coordinator of the Rehabilitation Counseling Program, for permission to develop a plan of remediation in order to retake the CRC exam.