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Master Your Craft

What is Master Your Craft?

Master Your Craft is a series of professional development training sessions designed to enhance the participants’ knowledge with specific skill attainment and a clear understanding of strategic application of those skills. Additionally, teacher candidates will gain a larger understanding of school-wide systems that they will become a part of as a teacher and more importantly, the manner in which these systems can positively or negatively impact K-12 students educational experiences and outcomes.

Techer candidates will go through the program with a level of individualized support required to navigate the rigorous credentialing program. Project Impact sets itself apart preparing teacher candidates with foundational, experiential, and currently relevant pedagogy through our quality Credentialing Programs, Pre-Internship Educational Experience, and the Master your Craft professional Development series. Project Impact brings intentionality to properly prepare teacher candidates to enter the classroom as immediately impactful change agents for the schools and communities they serve.

The intent of Master Your Craft is to have Educators/Teacher who have a mastery of the skill and the varying contexts of its use in real situations to not only give instruction but truly allow for questioning for participants to internalize the information.  The goal is to align the PD with relevant coursework to maximize learning.

Why Being A Male Teacher In K-12 Education Is So Important

In this short video, Manuel Reyes a K-12 teacher in the Inland Empire speaks about his impact on his students, and the lasting effects of having a male role model as a teacher is so important. 


<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch College of Education Student Testimonial from Manuel Reyes YouTube Video</a>