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Faculty & Staff Membership

Last First College or department
Addae Helena Management
Arlin Patricia Dean, College of Education
Barber Russell Anthropology
Ballman Terry Dean, College of Arts and Letters
Berdan Frances Anthropology
Blackey Robert History
Bodman Andy Provost, Academic Affairs
Brown James English
Brunkhorst Bonnie Science, Math and Technology
Brunkhorst Herb Science, Math and Technology
Buckley Annie Art
Carlson David English
Campbell Kelly Psychology
Charkins James Economics
Chavez Joseph Mathematics
Chen Rong English
Chen-Maynard Dorothy Health Science and Human Ecology
Chien YuChin Psychology
Chuang Rueyling Communication Studies
Clark Mark College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Coleman Ted Health Science and Human Ecology - Past Chapter President
Cousins Kimberley Chemistry & Biochemistry
Cowan Gloria Psychology
Cramer Robert Psychology - Past Chapter Vice President
Crawford Cynthia Psychology
Davis Claudia Nursing
Delgado Juan English - Past Chapter President
Dixon Paul Physics
Doane Margaret English
Dunn Corey College of Natural Sciences
Eggleston Carolyn Education - Past Chapter Secretary
Erler Edward Political Science
Ervin Kathryn Theatre Arts - Current Chapter Secretary
Finsen Susan Philosophy
Gaines Larry Criminal Justice
Georgiou George Computer Science & Engineering
Gillespie Andrea Public Affairs
Gillespie Michael Academic Research - Past Chapter Publicist
Hackel Jeff Geography and Environmental Studies
Henley Nicole Health Science & Human Ecology
Henry Holly English
Hoffman Charles Psychology - Past Chapter Secretary
Hughes Jacqueline Academic Personnel
Hyon Sunny English
Jandt Fred Dean, Palm Desert Campus
Janiskee Brian Political Science - Past Chapter Treasurer
Jesunathadas Joseph Science, Math and Technology
Jetter Madeleine Mathematics
Kamptner Laura Psychology
Kamusikiri Sandra English
Karnig Albert President emeritus
Kottke Jan Psychology
Levingston Misty Department of Student Engagement
Loutzenhiser Janice Management
Maynard David Chemistry - Chapter past President
McAllister Carolyn Social Work
McDougall Sanders Psychology
McGill Sally Geological Sciences
McMahan Shari Provost, Academic Affairs
McReynolds Connie Special Education, Rehabilitation & Counseling
Metcalf Anthony Biology
Mohamed Rafik Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Morris Teresa Social Work
Nassar Jamal Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Nelson Terri World Languages and Literatures
Norton Ruth Leadership and Curriculum
Otiniano Verissimo Angie Health Science & Human Ecology
Pelletier Kathie Management
Pierce Thomas Economics - Past Chapter Publicist
Pierson James Anthropology
Podolske Diane Community Engagement
Provenzano Tom Theatre Arts
Reitzel John Criminal Justice
Ricco Robert Psychology - Current Chapter Treasurer
Riefer David Psychology
Riggs Cheryl History - Past Chapter Publicist
Riggs Iris Science, Math and Technology - Past Chapter President
Riggs Matt Psychology 
Rizzo Terry Kinesiology
Roberson Anthony Santos Manuel Student Union
Robertshaw Peter Anthropology - Past Chapter Vice President
Rhom Tapie Information and Decision Sciences
Salmi Ralph Political Science
Santiago Rowena Science, Math and Technology
Sarli John Mathematics
Schram Pamela Criminal Justice - Current Chapter President
Schroeder Peter English
Skillings Mary Jo Language, Literature and Culture
Smith Alan Geological Sciences
Smith Laurie Social Work - Past Chapter President
Stein Robert Mathematics
Stewart Walter Information and Decision Sciences
Sumida Stuart Biology
Sweeney Dwight Nursing - Past Chapter President
Sylva Judith Special Education, Rehabilitation & Counseling
Tamalis Dimitri Health Science and Human Ecology
Teyber Edward Psychology
Torner Javier Physics
Toruno Mayo Economics
Ullman Jodie Psychology 
Usher Timothy Physics
Vicknair Paul Math
Whitaker Daniel World Languages and Literatures
Williams Kimberlyn Biology
Yasuhara Eri Dean, College of Arts and Letters
Zorn Jenny Associate Provost, Academic Programs - Past Chapter President