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Bilingual Authorization Option

Why Bilingual Authorization Option

Bilingual authorization provides teachers the know-how and knowledge to provide instruction for English language learners in bilingual classrooms. This means that a candidate can teach in the mainstream classroom or in designated Spanish-English bilingual classrooms. Having a bilingual authorization provides a teacher an added advantage of employment either as a mainstream classroom teacher or a bilingual classroom teacher. With the passage of Prop 58 which allows school districts to use multiple language programs to instruct students, demands for bilingual teachers are increasing across California. If you want to learn cutting-edge strategies and methods for teaching ELLs, our bilingual authorization program is for you.

Who can earn a bilingual authorization?

  • Teachers who have their bachelor’s degrees and want to pursue a Multiple Subject Credential or
  • Integrated Studies students who are in the pipeline to the Multiple Subject Credential Program.
  • All students will take EDMS 4102 (Preparation to Teach English Learners). This prepares students to meet the requirement for the English Learner Authorization (AB 1871).

Additional Qualifications

  • The applicant must demonstrate Spanish/English bi-literacy skills (most integrated students in CSUSB demonstrate this knowledge via successful completion of SPAN 3305 - Applied Spanish Grammar).
  • The applicant should take the CSUSB Spanish placement Exams which consists of four sections SPAN 1111/1112, SPAN 2111/2112 and SPAN 3301/3302. (Applicants must demonstrate their competencies in Spanish before they are allowed to enroll in SPAN 3305).
  • The applicant must also demonstrate Latino cultural knowledge (most integrated students in CSUSB demonstrate this knowledge via successful completion of SPAN 3309 - Cultures of Spanish America)
  • The applicant may take CTEL or CSET (Spanish). The link to the test is: California Teacher of English Learners® (CTEL®) Examination

How do I take Bilingual Authorization Courses along with the Multiple Subject Credential Courses?

There are no additional courses for you and therefore you will not spend an additional quarter of study. You will take two alternate courses:

  1. EDMS 4101B*: Language Arts and Teaching Learning in Bilingual Settings; and
  2.   EDMS 5106B*: Social Studies/Art Teaching and Learning in Bilingual Settings..

Are there opportunities for Intern teaching?

Yes. After completing Phase 1 and you have passed SPAN 3305.

For More Information

Dr. Nena Torrez
Bilingual Authorization Coordinator
(909) 537 – 7321