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Field Supervision

The Supervision Office coordinates supervision placements and assigns a university supervisor to candidates pursuing a credential in the Multiple Subject Program.

Applications to Supervision

Applications are due by the census date of the quarter prior to starting fieldwork/supervision EDMS 4100 or EDMS 4107).

IMPORTANT: A fieldwork/student teaching application should not be submitted until the candidate has been fully admitted to the university, has been fully admitted to the teaching credential program, and has satisfied all prerequisite courses. For any questions, call 909-537-7400.

Census Dates AY- 2020-2021

  • Fall: September 21, 2020
  • Spring: February 22, 2021

SB 2042 Credential Candidates

Student Teaching Option

  • May be completed at San Bernardino or at the Palm Desert Campus (PDC).
  • Pre/Co-requisites, Phase I Coursework, Subject Matter Competency by exam (CSET) and all other conditions must be met prior to supervision.
  • Placed with a qualified teacher in a school district within San Bernardino or Riverside Counties. 
  • Two quarters (10 weeks each) of Supervised Student Teaching. Placements will be made in two of the following grade levels: K-3, 4-6.
  • All candidates have one assignment in a classroom in which at least 25% of the youngsters differ ethnically or culturally from the candidate.
  • Multiple Subject BCLAD candidates are placed in designated bilingual classrooms.
  • May be completed within 9 months of full-time attendance.

Intern Option

  • Completed while employed by a partnership school district, teaching full-time in an appropriate Multiple Subject setting.
  • Hold a Bachelor's degree, passed CBEST, met Subject Matter Competency (SMC) by exam, completed the U.S. Constitution requirement, had experience working with children, and met all program admission requirements.
  • Teaching on an Intern Credential while completing coursework.
  • Three quarters of Supervised Intern Teaching.
  • Program length varies.

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