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Field Supervision

Applications to Supervision

IMPORTANT: A fieldwork/student teaching application should not be submitted until the candidate has:

  1. been fully admitted to the university,
  2. has been fully admitted to the teaching credential program, and;
  3. has completed New Student Orientation. For any questions, email or call the Supervision Office at 909-537-7400.

What is the Difference Between Early Fieldwork and Student Teaching?

Early Fieldwork is the observations you conduct at a school site during the first phase of the MS program. If you are on Track A, you would complete early fieldwork during your first program semester. If you’re on Track B, you would complete early fieldwork during the first two semesters of the program. You will be placed with a resident teacher and will observe student learning and teacher instruction, reflect on your observations, connect it to your learning in your coursework, and engage in instructional experiences as directed by your resident teacher.
Student Teaching is a full-time clinical experience at a placement site during the final phase of the MS program. Regardless of track, all candidates complete student teaching during the final semester of the program. During student teaching, you are working alongside a resident teacher who helps you with lesson planning, planning instruction, analysis of student work, etc. You are also assigned a university supervisor who observes you six times throughout the semester.


Early Fieldwork Hours

Courses Hours
EDMS 4101A/B 16
EDMS 4102   16
EDMS 4103 10
EMAT 5100  6
EMAT 5101 16
EDMS 5104 16
EDMS 5105  0
EDMS 5106A/B 0



Student Teaching Hours

This is a full-time experience. You will be at your placement site 5 days a week, 6-7 hours a day, for 16 weeks (480-560 hours total) during the the final semester in the program. You do not need to keep track of your student teaching hours using a fieldwork log. Instead, you will go to your placement site each day and sign in at the main office.

See Presentations and Handbooks for Early Fieldwork and Student Teaching Below.


Census Dates AY 2023-2024

Last Day to Add or Drop Classes
  • Fall: September 21, 2023
  • Spring: February 16, 2024