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CSUSB Liberal Studies Integrated Track


The CSUSB Liberal Studies Integrated Track lets you earn a liberal studies degree and a credential at the same time.

You are eligible for admission to the CSUSB Multiple Subject Credential Program when you have:

  • reached Junior status (90 units) - and completed all lower division courses
  • a Cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher
  • completed a health education course - HSCI 100 or an equivalent course
  • completed a child development course - HD 240 & HD 246, EELB 301 or an equivalent course
  • completed an English linguistics course - ENG 311 or an equivalent course
  • completed a course about students with special needs - PSYC 350 or an equivalent course

And because you have completed EELB 230 Introduction to Education, you have met the admission requirements below. The letters, TB test results, and certificate of clearance must be included in your PAF.

  • 30 hours in K-12 classrooms (The other 15 hours of the required 45 hours may have been completed through the child development course or volunteering additional hours during EELB 230.)
  • 2 Letters of recommendation
  • Negative tuberculin test results
  • Live Scan and application for a Certificate of Clearance
  • Personal Narrative and Admission Interview (Your written papers and oral presentations demonstrate your ability to communicate and your professional aptitude, personality and character.)

Yet to be completed:

  • Meet with a PALS advisor for a Liberal Studies Advising Form.
  • Meet with your Education Faculty Advisor to plan your program
  • Pass CSET and CBEST - All CSET subtests and the CBEST must be passed by the deadline for admission to the program. - As of May, 2007 CSET for Multiple Subjects has a Writing Skills test. If you pass all 3 subtests of CSET and the
  • Writing Skills test you are not required to pass CBEST.
  • Complete and submit your