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Thinking of Becoming an Intern?

  • Multiple Subjects Candidates can choose Track C (Internship) after they have completed at least one semester in the MS Credential Program.
  • As an intern, you are the sole paid teacher of record and will not have a resident teacher in the classroom with you. However, you will be provided with 144 hours of support through the cooperating district and CSUSB, as well as 45 hours of support specific to teaching English learners pursuant to California Code of Regulations §80033.

Track C is for candidates who meet the following requirements after their first semester:

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree (Please note: Integrated Track Candidates cannot be Interns)
  2. All pre- and co-requisite courses
    1. ENG 3110
    2. CD 2240 or EDMS 3010
    3. HSCI 1000
    4. ESPE 3350 or PSYC 3350
  3. FIVE Program Courses: The CTC requires a minimum of 120 clock hour (or the semester or quarter unit equivalent) in the following areas:
    1. Human development - EDMS 4100 (45 clock hrs + 16 fieldwork hrs)
    2. Reading/language arts - EDMS 4101 A or B (45 clock hrs + 16 fieldwork hrs)
    3. Specific content regarding the teaching of English Learners - EDMS 4102 (30 clock hrs + 10 fieldwork hrs)
    4. General pedagogy including classroom management and planning - EDMS 4103 (45 clock hrs + 16 fieldwork hrs)
    5. Subject-specific pedagogy - EMAT 5101 (45 clock hrs + 16 fieldwork hrs)
  4. U.S. Constitution
  5. Basic Skills requirement (CBEST or suitable coursework)
  6. Subject Matter Competency Requirement (CSET or degree in Liberal Studies)
  7. Negative TB Test
  8. Certificate of Clearance

Next Steps

  1. Once you complete your courses (see 2a-d and 3a-e above) and all other requirements listed above, request an intern eligibility application at
  2. Submit your completed intern eligibility application to
  3. Once approved, CredAdmissions will send you an intern eligibility letter.
  4. Contact your program coordinator immediately to set up a meeting to complete a new program plan, discuss the unique courses you must take, as well as next steps.
  5. Your intern eligibility letter will have links to two more forms you need to complete and get signatures for.
  6. Once you complete those forms and have appropriate signatures, send them to the credential analysts who will recommend you for your intern credential.

Unlike student teaching, which requires one semester of supervision, internships require two semesters of supervision.

Please find the Intern Program Plan Below.

Track C - Intern


Want to learn more about becoming an intern? Watch this cool video below:

<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch So, You Want to Be an Intern? YouTube Video</a>