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For those that already have a job offer, there is an Internship Option to get your Multiple Subject Credential (18 months).

This program is for students that have completed Phase I and already have a job offer in place from a school district. This program option is completed over 3 semesters through 33 units of university coursework while candidates are employed on an Intern Credential by one of the cooperating school districts.

Candidates may take their courses at the San Bernardino campus or the Palm Desert Campus. Upon receiving a notice of acceptance, candidates seek employment. Bilingual Authorization candidates must seek employment in a bilingual or dual immersion classroom. Once they sign a contract with a cooperating school district, they apply for an Internship credential at Student Services in CE102. An Intern credential entitles the holder to the same legal considerations as a preliminary credential. It must be noted, however, that this credential is only good in the district where the candidate signed a contract and only for two years. If a candidate does not obtain employment, he/she would continue in the student teaching option.

Additional requirements for admission to the Intern option include a B.A. Degree and U.S. Constitution.



Prior to taking credential classes, candidates must fulfill the following pre-requisites:

  • Knowledge of English Linguistics ENG 311 The English Language or equivalent course
  • Knowledge of Child Development HD 240 Introduction to Child Development and a concurrent observation course HD 246 or  EELB 301 Growth & Development in Socio-Educational Context or equivalent course


In this option, you are employed by a partnership school district, teaching full-time in an appropriate Multiple Subject or Bilingual Authorization setting. You are supervised for three quarters while taking other program courses in Phases II, III and IV.

If you are on a year-round schedule that would place you "off-track" during most of the University's academic schedule for any quarter, your supervision may be delayed one quarter. If you are "off-track" for a shorter amount of time, remember that you are enrolled in a course (EELB 560) and have responsibilities to fulfill in that course. For example, your university supervisor may ask you to observe exemplary teachers in settings and grade levels different than your regular assignment during this time and report on your observations.

Deadline for Application for Supervision

Census Day of the quarter prior to the quarter you intend to be supervised. Apply online at Field Supervision website.