Student Enrollment Self-service FAQ

1. Why does the add/drop page tell me I don't have an enrollment appointment?This message doesn’t mean that you have no enrollment appointment at all, merely that it is not valid at this time. To find your enrollment appointment on your Student Center, go to Enrollment Dates. Click on the details link for additional information. Select the appropriate term to see when you will be allowed to register.

2. Where can I find the PE classes in the schedule?PE classes are listed under Course Subject field "Kinesiology".

3. I know a class exists, but I cannot find it in the schedule. Where is it?Occasionally, certain classes are not listed as they are offered for a special cohort of students. If you know you are supposed to be enrolling in one of these classes, you need to contact the department that is offering the course to get the class number.

4. Why do I get no results at all when searching for classes in the schedule?You may be putting too much information in on the search page. We recommend putting in as little information as possible so the search will cover the broadest range of classes. For example, if you want to search for available English classes, you might want to select English from the drop down menu, make sure the Open Classes Only box is checked, and click search, leaving all other fields blank. To search for a specific English 101 class, add 101 in the Course Number field and click search.

5. How do I add a class with a lab or activity?Adding a class with a lab or activity is easy once you know how. You will need to select both the regular class number and the lab class number. Click on the "Add a Class" link to go to "Add Classes" page. Select the regular class that you want to register. If an activity or lab is required by your desired class, then you have to select an activity or lab from the list of Select Activity (Lab) section then click the "Next" button. You will be taken to the "Select Classes to Add - Enrollment Preference" page. There press the "Next" button to continue the processes to add other classes.

6. How do I add a class which requires the department consent?You need to contact the administrative support for the department offering the subject.

7. What do I do when I get an “Error” status when I try to add a class?Check the message that displays next to the status. It will let you know why the process was unsuccessful. If could be that you need a requisite course, it’s at the same time as another class that you are already enrolled in, or it could be you don’t meet the student level for the course.

8. Why does MyCoyote tell me I have not met the necessary prerequisites for a class when I know I have?If you are sure you have met the prerequisites for a class and it is still not letting you register, you need to contact Records, Registration & Evaluations. You can reach them by calling (909) 537-5200 and select option 4 or by going to UH-171.

9. I signed up for all of my classes, so why is my schedule empty?You may have forgotten to click the “Finish Enrolling” button. As you add classes, you must proceed through all three steps to get to the Finish Enrolling button.

10. The enrollment deadline has passed. How can I add a class?Refer to “Adding Classes” in the College Catalog for regulations on adding past the deadline.