CSUSB Alert: Power is out on the San Bernardino Campus

An unplanned regional power outage impacting the San Bernardino campus occurred shortly after 2 p.m; all operations will be closed the rest of today. Normal operations will resume Thursday.

Facilities Management will monitor the situation and respond to campus building issues once power is restored. 

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Quarterly Purchase Procedures

In 2016, the SOP group crafted an agreement that computer purchases should be completed quarterly in bulk, with all the colleges and ITS making a purchase collaboratively. The computer purchase standards on campus are to be determined by the colleges and purchasing to be done in mass to drive down the cost of new computer purchases.  The bulk purchases does not affect incidental or emergency purchases.  During the first SOP Bulk purchase, the campus collaborative purchase of 229 new computers, saving the university $35,000. The Quarterly Purchase SOP demonstrates the per-machine savings and the power of collaboration and standardization.  

Computers purchased through the SOP group were faster, better and cost significantly less.  The following flow chart outlines the agreed upon procedure and timeline.


Quarterly Computer Procedure