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Minimum Software Set

Minimum Software Set

All public (labs, classrooms, instructor machines) will have at a minimum the most current version of following software by fall 2017:

  1. Adobe Reader
  2. Adobe Flash Player
  3. SPSS (2 latest versions)
  4. Office 2016
  5. Java
  6. VLC
  7. Chrome
  8. Firefox
  9. Silverlight

Colleges may add any software they chose to systems in the college.  Faculty and staff may request additional software be installed and will provide local technicians a reasonable notice (2 weeks) to allow the software set to be installed, tested and modified.

Note: Area specific variances are authorized to meet instructional needs.   For example, if an instructor requires software that only works with Java 8.2, techs may opt to run the decremented version of the software to meet the needs of the faculty member.