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Communication Recommendations

Notification Process Draft: System Maintenance 

1)    Low impact events, localized area impact that does not directly impact instruction

  • Campus Techs should have a shared calendar in which planned system maintenance is listed.
  • An example could be systems who’s outage only affects a local area

2)    Medium impact events (8x5 Notification)

  • Notification should be sent via email and posted on the calendar for medium impact events.  For the system under maintenance advance notice on the system should be provided if possible.
  • An example of a medium impact event is system maintenance that effects a subset of the community but does not adversely affect instruction or work of the whole campus.

3)    High impact events (24x7 Notification)

  • Notification should be sent via email, calendar posting, and posting on different information systems with sufficient notification that faculty/staff can adjust instruction as needed.
  • Will impact instruction or major administrative systems during regular business hours or will affect campus wide systems.