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Naming Convention

All Computers at CSUSB will have a standard naming convention to assist with machine identification, support personnel assignment and parse-ability on the network.  Each area can have a custom naming convention after Character 11. The goal is to front load information that can help with identification of the system within NETBIOS limitation of 15 characters and giving each area the ability to further customize beyond the 11th character.  Several naming iterations were evaluated and each college has agreed to implementation of this naming convention via attrition (computer upgrades, major system maintenance, etc).


Offical Naming Convention

Desktop Naming Convention

Characters 1 through 3: Division, College or Department
Character4:  '-' delimiter
Characters 5 and 6: Building Code
Characters 7 through 11: Room Number with zero padding if applicable for a total of 5 characters
Characters 12: '-' delimiter or Sub Room Number
Characters 13 through 15: Area Specific (but suggest state ID)
Characters 16-N: Area Specific Continued


ITS office computer in COE Building:  ITS-CE0361-12345
SB Lab Computer: SBS-SB0107-12345-Lab01
Room with Sub room computer:  ITS-PL2107A12345-CR2

Laptop Naming Convention:


Mobile Device Naming Convention:


Other Naming Conventions Evaluated



Building Codes

San Bernardino Campus
AD Administration
AF Auto Fleet Services
AH Animal House/ Vivarium
AR Academic Research
AS Administrative Services
AV Arrowhead Village Housing
BI Biological Sciences
BK Coyote Bookstore
CC Children's Center
CE College of Education
CH Chaparral Hall
CO Commons
CS Chemical Sciences
CV Coyote Village
DD Univ. Center forDevelopmental Disabilities
ES Environ. Health & Safety
FM Facilities Management
FO Faculty Office Building
HA HVAC Central Plant
HC Health Center
HP Health & PE Complex/Coussoulis Arena
IC Information Centers
JB Jack H. Brown Hall
OB Murillo Family Observatory
PA Performing Arts/ Theatre/Recital Hall
PE Physical Education
PK1 Parking Structure West
PK2 Parking Structure East
PL John M. Pfau Library
PS Physical Sciences
PW Plant/Central Warehouse
RF Student Rec. & Fitness Ctr.
SB Social & Behavioral Sciences
SH Sierra Hall
SU Santos Manuel Student Union
SV Serrano Village
TC Temp. Classrooms
TK Temp. Kinesiology Annex
TO Temp. Offices
UE University Enterprises
UH University Hall
UP University Police
UV University Village
VA Visual Arts Center/Robert & Frances Fullerton Museum of Art
YC Yasuda Ctr. for Ext. Learning

Palm Desert Campus
RG - Mary Rogers Gateway
IWC - Indian Wells Center for Educational Excellence
IWT - Indian Wells Theater
HS - Health Sciences

Division Codes

AA - Academic Affairs

AF - Administration & Finance

ITS - Information Technology Services

SA - Student Affairs

UA - University Advancement

College Codes

CAL - College of Arts and Letters

CEG or CEL - College of Extended and Global Education

CNS - College of Natural Sciences

COE - College of Education

JB or JHB - Jack H. Brown College

SBS - Social and Behaviroal Sciences

LIB - Library

Department Codes (examples)

BIO - Biology

CHM - Chemistry

CSE - Computer Science and Engineering

GEO - Geology

HSC - Health Science and Human Ecology

MAT - Mathematics

PHY - Physics

NUR - Nursing

KIN - Kinesiology