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Standard Operating Procedures

Goal & Charter

The goal of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) working group is to create an academic alliance to achieve further excellence in IT at CSUSB.  The alliance is tasked with identifying best practices and procedures in technical areas for ubiquitous use and elevate IT services to the Business Modularity  architecture while still allowing for local area flexibility. The alignment of the SOP team’s decisions should focus on supporting the campus strategic goals of Student Success, Faculty and Staff Success, and Resource Sustainability and Expansion.


Each college will present a method it believes best to accomplish an IT task that best meets the highest standards and aligns to CSUSB’s strategic plan.  Once the best task or procedure is identified, a SOP is created for that item and all areas are to agree to institute that primary or secondary SOP. The Technology Support Center (TSC) will implement and support SOPs created by the working group.


  • Bruce Hagan (Chair)
  • Ching Yi Wang (Co-Chair)
  • Brandon Sierra (ITS TSC)
  • Aaron Oxendine (ITS TSC)
  • Chris Bradney (ITS)
  • Mike Fredette (TSC)
  • Michael Dean Ignacio (CE)
  • Ian Jacobs (JHBC)
  • Ken Han (CAL)
  • John Harrell (PDC)
  • John Hernandez (Library)
  • Parker Brooks (ITS TSC)
  • Vincent Cornejo (CSBS)


  • IT Services (Technology Support Center)
  • Gerardo Garcia, IT Services (Enterprise and Cloud Services)
  • Dave Hatch, IT Services (Telecommunication & Network Services)
  • Ben Derry, IT Services (Information Security & Emerging Technologies)
  • Eddie Szumski, IT Services (Information Security & Emerging Technology)
  • Other College Techs as requested


  • Collaborate, identify, document & implement best practices & procedures
  • Implement world class customer support & technology standards
  • Fortify student and faculty success via resource standardization, sustainability & expansion
  • Ensure all faculty, staff & students have a seamless transition to all locations/systems
  • Standardize technical operations, procedures and processes that are common to all
  • Fully develop current and future standards for technology to be used on campus