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ITS Strategic Plan 2022-2025 – People Forward

The ITS Strategic Plan 2022-2025 reflects the Division’s dedication to providing world-class customer service and to ensuring that all campus community members have an opportunity to benefit from technology tools and resources. These core principles are represented in both the inclusive process of constructing this plan and an inclusive perspective within each of its three goals, Empower, Transform and Innovate. In creating this strategic plan, ITS took an approach of reaching out and conducting over a dozen listening sessions and open forums with a range of constituent groups on both campuses to hear the needs and challenges of students, faculty and staff. For a broad perspective in interpreting and designing solutions for the needs of the Campus Community, the three goal working groups were jointly chaired by faculty and ITS directors and had members from outside of ITS, including students. Importantly, the three goal areas cut across individual ITS departments for the first time and the working groups combined the viewpoints and expertise of ITS members from all departments. As a result of this ground-up participatory and collaborative process, the input and needs of the CSUSB community, as well at ITS’s commitment to service and increasing opportunity for all, are at the core of this plan. 

This plan also represents an integration of strategic planning and assessment. ITS designed the plan with the end results in mind. That is, ITS articulated the positive impact that it intended to generate for the campus and regional communities. The objectives and strategies are aligned with those desired outcomes. Further, the plan incorporates mechanisms for systematically measuring and checking the effect that ITS’ work is having on people and processes to determine the extent to which it is creating the benefits, equity, and changes originally envisioned for CSUSB. Assessment practices form the basis for learning about operations and continuous improvement as ITS strives to bring CSUSB a world-class customer service and user experience.

The plan includes the following elements:

Goals are the general thematic, long-term aims for the major roles, functions and operations of ITS.
Objectives are the specific approaches taken to meet the goals.
Outcomes are the desired effects, i.e., benefits, changes or improvements, that ITS aims to generate. Outcomes are the results of objectives.
Measures serve as evidence for gauging the outcomes and the degree to which they are achieved.
Strategies describe representative actions steps to realize the outcomes.


ITS Strategic Plan pdf


ITS Strategic Plan 2022-2025