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Two CSUSB alumni, Amanda Fernandez ’16 and Aimee Alvarez ’11, who met in 2015, have partnered with the Department of Communication and Media on a new initiative, "Coyotes to Hollywood and Beyond." Fernandez and Alvarez worked together at Coyote Radio (from left: Lacey Kendall, Alvarez and Fernandez), which won an Inland Empire Media Award in 2015.

CSUSB alumni launch Coyotes to Hollywood and Beyond

CSUSB alumni Amanda Fernandez ’16 and Aimee Alvarez ’11 have partnered with the Department of Communication and Media on "Coyotes to Hollywood and Beyond," an initiative, which provides a major-media internship pipeline for CSUSB students seeking internships in Hollywood, Burbank and Palm Springs.

From left, David Pacheco, Cristian Cabrera, Shannon Gilbert, Sofia Torres-Crespo, Baldomero Felix and Joseph Tormey.
May 29, 2024

Four recent alumni — David Pacheco, Baldomero Felix, Cristian Cabrera and Sofia Torres-Crespo — have found their calling at The Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage, bringing with them a blend of education, passion and the drive to excel.

Future Wealthy Minorities, a student team from CSUSB’s School of Entrepreneurship, secured first place in the Startup Showcase for Social Entrepreneurship at the CSU Sunstone Startup Competition.
May 28, 2024

Two student teams from CSUSB’s School of Entrepreneurship competed and placed at the CSU Sunstone Startup Competition, an event that featured student participants from 23 CSU campuses.

From left, Sastry G. Pantula, dean of the College of Natural Sciences; Katelyn Schwarz, scholarship recipient; Daniel Nickerson, associate professor of biology; and Jeremy Dodsworth, biology department chair.
May 24, 2024

CSUSB biology graduate Katelyn Schwarz was honored with the 2023-24 Professor Richard Fehn Scholarship for her academic achievements, research endeavors and commitment to advancing scientific knowledge.

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