Carmen Dagostino, professor of world languages and literatures, shares how important diversity is to student education. Dagostino is passionate about the diverse culture at CSUSB and believes that it is crucial to learning and opportunities.

As a native of Switzerland and of Croatian descent, Dagostino is no stranger to diversity. Having grown up bilingual, speaking German and Croation, and being a professor of Spanish, Dagostino is well versed in world cultures and believes diversity expands students’ education and appreciation of others. 

Dagostino knew CSUSB was the place she wanted to be because she immediately felt welcome. She appreciates how diversity is promoted at CSUSB, especially through the study abroad programs, and is grateful how all cultures, views and opinions are valued. Dagostino feels a sense of fulfillment when students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures and different parts of the world. 

Diversity is a vital part of CSUSB and we are proud to represent various backgrounds, thoughts and experiences.