At CSUSB, our performing arts programs offer a mix of professional and personal development that prepare students for a wide-range of careers. Whether a student is a singer, musician or theater performer, CSUSB offers them opportunities to participate in special events, such as performing abroad and producing full-length motion pictures. Behind the scenes, CSUSB's award-winning technical program is just as strong. Our transformative performing arts programs allow students to perfect their skills as they continue to define the future of this field.

CSUSB broke ground on a new 73,337 square-foot Performing Arts Center on Sept. 7. The center will provide modern teaching, rehearsal and performance spaces necessary for a modern performing arts program and is scheduled to open during the 2024-25 academic year. At completion, the new 500-seat performing arts theater will be the only one of its size and quality in the Inland Empire, and will allow more of the area’s community to experience the highly acclaimed productions from CSUSB student-performers and student-musicians. The building will also create a new “front door” to the campus that shows a modern and forward-looking face to visitors and the larger community.