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CSUSB professor discusses what can be done for society’s most in need
Dec. 20,2021

Rigaud Joseph, CSUSB assistant professor of social work and the research and internship coordinator for Project Rebound, was one of the experts the personal finance website featured in a question-and-answer section for its recent look at the “Neediest Cities.”

One of the questions, “What are the main challenges facing low-income families today?” Joseph responded: “In my opinion, lack of financial capability, the greed of Capitalism, and congressional prejudice are three primary roadblocks on the path of low-income families today. For example, low-income families face headwinds for homeownership, which is generally considered a significant step toward the concretization of the American Dream. They must now compete with private equity firms in the housing market—often under uneven rules and practices. Obviously, low-income families cannot win such competition. Meanwhile, the Capitalist market continues to exploit low-income families through comparatively lower wages, meager employee benefits packages, and poorer working conditions.”

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CSUSB professor writes ‘Our Pursuit of Convenience Produces Our Loneliness’
Psychology Today
Dec. 20, 2021

Anthony Silard, associate professor of public administration, wrote the seventh  installment of his eight-part series on the idea of convenience and how it has affected interpersonal relationships. In this week’s column, “Our Pursuit of Convenience Produces Our Loneliness,” he asked the question: “Is it convenience or quality of life that you are after?”

He wrote: “Our drive as a society toward convenience—facilitated by the intelligent, often mind-rather-than-heart-driven men who compete with each other for who can create the most efficient apps and websites—is relegating enjoyment to a nostalgic fantasy.”

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