Rigaud Joseph, associate professor of social work, appreciates how CSUSB promotes diversity among faculty and students. Joseph shares how the diverse environment at CSUSB makes people of all backgrounds feel included.

When Joseph was searching for a position, it was important to him to find a university that welcomed people from all walks of life. Having studied at universities that represented people from various backgrounds, he wanted to find an institute where he could expand on the knowledge he had gained from interacting with diverse individuals. Joseph felt CSUSB was the perfect place for him. 

As someone who earned a doctorate in social welfare, Joseph understands that diversity is also displayed in the way professors help students who may be struggling. Students look up to professors as role models and mentors, and Joseph knows that students feel comfortable when they see professors who are like them. He is also passionate about showing diversity through the way he helps students who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Joseph feels that accommodating students according to the challenges they are facing ensures no student is left behind. 

Diversity is a vital part of CSUSB, and we are proud to represent various backgrounds, thoughts and experiences.