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Faculty in the News
January 4, 2022

Brian Levin (criminal justice) said the threat of domestic extremism remains, Anthony Silard (public administration) wrote about the role of a common theme in developing new friendships, and Peter Sturgeon and Mike Singer (Palm Desert Campus) were featured in the ‘Men in Philanthropy’ issue of Desert Charities News.

Faculty in the news, Pfau Library
December 20, 2021

Rigaud Joseph (social work) was one of the experts the personal finance website WalletHub featured in a question-and-answer section for its recent look at the “Neediest Cities,” and Anthony Silard (public administration) wrote the latest column for his series on convenience and its effect on relationships.

CSUSB ranks 21 by higher education resource guide
December 16, 2021 ranked CSUSB in 21 categories in its list of best degree programs for 2022. Its research identifies programs in the nation based on flexibility, faculty, course strength, cost, and reputation.

Faculty in the News, CGI building
December 14, 2021

Anthony Silard (public administration) wrote on “More Depth, Please: Nurturing Friendships in the Digital Age,” and Brian Levin (criminal justice) was part of a panel discussing a jury’s finding that actor Jussie Smollett was guilty of felony disorderly conduct related to a false hate crime report in 2019.

Gölge Seferoğlu
December 14, 2021

Gölge Seferoğlu, associate professor of teacher education and foundations, uses a variety of research designs to learn about the complex processes of second-language learning.

Faculty in the News, Pfau Library
December 7, 2021

Daniel MacDonald (economics) discussed the employment climate in the Inland Empire, and Anthony Silard (public administration) wrote on whether online dating can result in quality relationships.

Faculty in the News, JHBC building
November 30, 2021

Anthony Silard (public administration) wrote the fourth installment of his eight-part series on the idea of convenience and how it has affected interpersonal relationships.

Faculty in the News, chemical sciences building
November 23, 2021

James Fenelon (sociology), Bomi Hwang (world languages and literatures) Codi Lazar (geological sciences) and Anthony Silard (public administration) were included in recent news coverage.

Faculty in the news, Jack H. Brown building
November 16, 2021

Barbara Sirotnik (information decision sciences) and Lori Aldana of CSUSB’s Institute of Applied Research and Policy Analysis commented on the impact of inflation on the region’s economy, and Anthony Silard (public administration) wrote on the cost of convenience on our relationships.