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CSUSB music lecturer releases first solo album
High Desert Daily
Sept. 8, 2020

Award-winning coloratura soprano, Kirsten Ashley Wiest, a part-time lecturer in the Cal State San Bernardino Department of Music, has released her debut solo album internationally as of Friday, Sept. 4.

“This project has been a labor of love since the beginning – starting back in 2016,” said Wiest. “Having my first self-produced album come out is a huge benchmark for me – I’ve produced live events and concerts for years, and even directed full operas before, but I had never before produced an entire CD, much less one consisting of works that have never been studio recorded or released before!”

The album, titled “Luminous,” is an album of four contemporary works performed by Wiest and pianist Siu Hei Lee.

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CSUSB professor discusses factors to be considered before people retire
Sept. 8, 2020

The personal finances website invited Kenneth Shultz, professor of psychology and executive board member of The Center on Aging at Cal State San Bernardino, to discuss in a question-and-answer format the financial factors people should consider when they should retire.

In response to one question about common mistakes people make when planning their retirements, Shultz said, “One of the consistent mistakes’ individuals makes as they approach retirement is thinking retirement is suddenly going to somehow solve all of their current problems or issues. While retiring may take you away from a toxic boss or work environment, it is unlikely your exercise regimen, healthy food habit, spending more time with family, et cetera is just going to magically happen because you retire. Individuals approaching retirement really need to assess what their priorities will be and look to make small incremental changes that are sustainable over time (e.g., slowly reducing red meat or sugar consumption).”

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The Patch news website also picked up the article on Sept. 9, and published it as “2020’s best and worst places to retire – WalletHub study.”

‘Screen time and loneliness are inextricably linked,’ CSUSB professor writes
Psychology Today
Sept. 8, 2020

Anthony Silard, CSUSB professor of public administration, addressed loneliness his blog, “Art of Living Free.”

He wrote, “I’ve spent the past ten years researching and teaching people about how to manage complex emotions such as loneliness and trauma. After interviewing hundreds of people from all walks of life and listening to their stories about what has precipitated the loneliest moments of their lives, I’m convinced that the recent increases in screen time and loneliness are inextricably linked.”

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