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Degree Requirements (48 units)

Of the 48 units required for the degree, 24 are specifically designed for the program and will be restricted to students admitted into the program. The courses are to be taken as a cohort over a two-year period, one course per quarter. The elective units will be based on a personalized plan (including the master's project), under the direction of an advisor and faculty committee, that allows units to be taken outside the field of education.

College of Education MA Core (12 units):

  1. EDUC 603. Effective Communication in Education (4)
  2. EDUC 605. Foundations of Education (4)
  3. EDUC 607. Introduction to Educational Research (4)

Program courses, taken as a cohort (24 units):

  1. EDUC 611 Foundations of Integrative and Holistic Models of Education (4)
  2. EDUC 613. Integration and Meaning in Education (4)
  3. EDUC 615. Exploring Arts, Creativity and Sign Systems (4)
  4. EDUC 617. Exploring Integrative and Holistic Curriculum Theory (4)
  5. EDUC 619. Seminar in Holistic Education (4)
  6. EDUC 621. Assessment and Research: Holistic Perspectives (4)

Note: Students will be directed to register in specially designated sections of the above courses open only to teachers in the program cohort. All the courses are appropriate for teachers at any grade level or school setting.

Electives (8 – 12 units)

  1. Students who elect to take EDUC 600 (Master's project) must take 8 units of individually selected coursework, approved by the program coordinator.
  2. Students who elect to take EDUC 999 (MA Comps) must take 12 units of individually selected coursework, approved by the program coordinator.

Culminating Experience (0-4 units)

  1. Students must complete one of the following:
  2. EDUC 999. Comprehensive Examination (0)
  3. EDUC600. Master’s Degree Project (4)