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Holistic and Integrative Education Program

Welcome to the Holistic and Integrative Program

MA in Education; Holistic and Integrative Education (formerly MA in Interdisciplinary Studies; Integrative Studies Option in Education) and Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Education

We offer both a MA and a certificate in Holistic and Integrative Education. The MA in Education, Holistic and Integrative Education, is an innovative program for creative educators. It is designed for educators interested in entering a dialogue with a cohort of master's students and a team of professors to explore how to develop and implement innovative and meaningful curriculum. Our major objective is to help each educator become clearer about their vision of education and how to implement that vision in their classroom and professional life, including a high-stakes testing environment and a setting with a focus on the Common Core. The program has been recognized by its students and internationally for its transformative approach to teaching International Recognition. The program is appropriate for educators exploring progressive and innovative approaches to education, implementation of the Common Core, the education of the whole child, home schooling and charter schools, and creating meaning consistent with a holistic and constructivist view point. The program allows each educator to focus on their interests and what they can implement in their professional context.  Please read the chapter, "Transformative approaches to teacher education" for more details (first go to the link,“Testimonials: Research and Student Evaluations. ”). The chapter gives the clearest picture of the nature of the program and the type of outcomes you can expect. The program is truly transformative!

The certificate program is for students that either already have a MA in education or do not wish to complete the requirements for the MA program (e.g., 24 additional units), but are interested in implementing a holistic and integrative approach to education (link: Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Education). The thirteenth cohort, starting in the Winter quarter 2017, is now accepting students. Students may be accepted in Fall 2016 and enroll in the reequired M.A. core courses; however, the six program courses are not available until Winter quarter 2016.