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Certificate Program


Admission to the Program

  1. Post-baccalaureate standing;
  2. Interview with program coordinator of the MA in Education; Holistic and Integrative Education

Certificate Requirements (24 units)

  1. EDUC 611. Foundations of Integrative and Holistic Models of Education (4 units)
  2. EDUC 613. Integration and Meaning in Education (4 units)
  3. EDUC 615. Exploring Arts, Creativity and Sign Systems (4 units)
  4. EDUC 617. Exploring Integrative and Holistic Curriculum Theory (4 units)
  5. EDUC 619. Seminar in Holistic Education (4 units)
  6. EDUC 621. Assessment and Research: Holistic Perspectives (4 units)

Note: These six courses are taken with a cohort of educators over a two-year period (no summer courses).

This sequence of courses are the required program courses for the MA in Education, Holistic and Integrative Education. The courses are offered as a two-year sequence taken with a cohort of educators. The sequence provides a strong basis for the student to implement a holistic and integrative approach to education in their professional context. This certificate would be for students that either already have a MA in education or do not wish to complete the requirements for the MA program (e.g., 24 additional units), but are interested in implementing a holistic and integrative approach to education. The admission requirement of an interview helps insure that the potential student understands the program and is appropriate for entering the certificate program.