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Student Evaluation of the Program

Summary Evaluation: MA in Education, Holistic and Integrative Education

Ninth Cohort, Fall 2009

Complied by Bob London: June 2010

Students in the MA program in Education, Holistic and Integrative Education, take six program courses over a two-year period as a cohort. Since the third cohort (over 10 years ago), at the end of the sixth course we administer a major summative evaluation. This document summarizes the data from that evaluation for our ninth cohort conducted in Fall 2009, which includes three components

  1. Questions concerning the major goals of the program. 
  2. Questions concerning their dispositions.
  3. Additional specific questions (in addition to the questions in the first two components that are common to all our summative evaluations) that are relevant to our current assessment concerns. In addition, this summary includes data from the MA comps for the program.

This document is divided into four sections corresponding to these components, each section summarizing the data from that component.